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Grandpas Hotel

Grandpas Hotel in CartagoOur hotel is located in Cartago, in a town called Cot de Oreamuno, specifically seven kilometers North from Cartago downtown, on the road that leads to Irazu Volcano National Park. We are at 1950 meters above sea level and just forty minutes away from San Jose, our capital city.

Due to our excellent location, we are the perfect starting point to different natural attractions in Cartago, such as the above mentioned and impressive Irazu Volcano, currently active and splendid Turrialba Volcano, historical Guayabo National Monument, picturesque Orosi and Ujarras valleys, Tapanti National Park, and lots of other natural and cultural attractions in Cartago.

Our hotel is the pioneer of its kind in the Cartago area. We offer an array of services that are unique in the province, like our original, warm and ample Victorian-style house-hotel, built with centennial woods and its vast and beautiful gardens, ideal to be delighted by the spectacular surrounding scenery.

Our geographical location allows us to have a magnificent and privileged view of Irazu Volcano, Orosi valley, and much of Cartago province and surrounding landscapes. Also, from our hotel, you are only a few minutes away from several cultural attractions, such as La Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles (the most significant church for Costa Ricans, devoted to their National Patron known as La Negrita), Santiago Apostol ruins, best known as Cartago ruins, Ujarras ruins, Cachi dam, Orosi parish, Quircot church, the city house also known as Pirie Building, amongst others.

Cartago is one of the main agricultural producers in Costa Rica. Several vegetables and tubers are produced here, for example, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, onions, coriander, pumpkins, squashes, baby vegetables and legume. You can become a witness of the way some of these products are harvested by the owner family of Grandpas´ Hotel and their team of local collaborators. We have set aside areas in our hotel surroundings for the production of some of the aforementioned products.

Grandpas Hotel in CartagoWe are a team that works everyday in order to provide our customers with the best service. We aim at making their stay an unforgettable time in their trip. Their satisfaction is most important to us, and that is why we invite you to become part of this lovely place and let us exceed all your expectations in the best hotel in Cartago.

We can guarantee a stay where you will really be able to rest, relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, in an environment full of tranquility, peace and clean air.

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